First Time Here?

Basically, I try to write things that are funny. Here are some of my favorite posts.

meatpint Wet Paint Anagrams
There’s a lot you can spell with 8 letters.
photoshop Helping “Master” Photographers
Old photos could be a lot better with Photoshop.
real-world-un The Real World: United Nations
The true story of 192 countries, picked to live in one house.
stealth My New Tax Plan: A Modest Proposal
The only truly patriotic tax plan
cops TV Tag Lines
Truthful tag lines for TV shows.
lion Wild Animals: A Survival Guide
Great advice on how to handle various wild animals.
pds An Open Letter To Professor Death Skull Inc. Employees
Villainry ain’t easy. Or cheap.
sbway Suspicious Subway Sights
When you’re underground, trust nobody.
god-head God’s Deadline
Yom Kipur is tough on everyone. Even God.
jr John Roland: Compensated Spokesperson
Is there anything this man can’t sell?
hp Hobbits Are Real
A great amusement park idea.
bears Berenstain Bears Gone Wild
These ain’t your childhood’s Berenstain Bears.
ann Hostile Takeover of Ann Sacks
Includes the greatest photo of me ever taken.
trek Star Trek: The New Star Wars
A brief analysis of Star Wars and Star Trek.

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