Exciting New Number System

Here’s another video I made for Sketch Cram, a sketch show that is created entirely from scratch in a single day. This script was written in the morning, I shot it in the afternoon, edited and animated it in the evening, and the finished piece played in the show at midnight.

Writer: Matt Klinman
Director, editor, animator: me
Starring: Dan Mirk
Sound: Silvija Ozols

Chinese Delivery For One

Writer: Brandon Lisy
Director and editor: me
Starring: Michael Antonucci and Helen Kim-Bordes
Director of Photography: Andy Bond
Producer: Brandon Lisy
Sound: Luke Kelly-Clyne, Andy Bond

Terrorist Reacts to Rolling Stone Cover

Written by me
Produced by Sick Day Comedy
Featuring Nathan Russell and John Holt

Our Wondrous Constellations

Take a tour of all the imaginative constellations our ancestors saw in the night sky.

Writer: Matt Klinman
Director and animator: me
Narration: Benjamin Apple
Sound: Matt Braunsdorf

Scared D Train

Here’s a video I made this past Saturday for Sketch Cram. Sketch Cram is a monthly show at the UCB East theater that creates and performs an entire sketch show from scratch in a single day. So I got the script around noon and by midnight delivered a finished video.

Writer: Matt Klinman
Director, editor: me
Starring: Jake Kalos, Siobhan Thompson, Julie Eubank, Megan Maes, Dan Mirk, Keith Bethea
Sound: James Leggero

Movie Talker

Here’s the latest video I directed for UCB. It’s got a zombie chase in it.

Directer/editor/special effects: me.
Writer: Sasheer Zamata
Starring: Sasheer Zamata, Millana Snow, John Murray, Alison Bennett, Timothy Dunn, and Todd Bieber
Producers: Julie Gomez and Todd Bieber
Director of Photography: Todd Bieber and me.
Art Director: CJ Dockery
Crew: Zach Goldbaum, Mike Pistorio, Dan Lucal, Alex Adan, and Jocelyne Roueiheb

Flag On The Play

Here’s a quick web series I did with Zack Phillips and Nate Russell. Each episode is an NFL ref explaining a call. We did eight in total. You can watch them all here.

Simple Bear Safety Tips

Writer/Director/Editor: Zack Phillips
Starring: Langan Kingsley
Director of Photography/Graphics: Me
Producer: Luke Kelly-Clyne
Crew: Brandon Tarzis

Special thanks to Ivan Sanchez for giving permission to use his photograph as the thumbnail image

Manic Pixie Prostitute

Written by Leila Cohan-Miccio
Directed, shot and edited by me
Starring Verónica Osorio and Dan Hodapp
Sound by James Leggero

Least Sexy Tattoo

A new video I directed for The Punch.

Writer: Luke Kelly-Clyne
Director: me
Starring: Julia Marie and Nicholas Frederick.
Editor: Brandon Lisy
Producer: Luke Kelly-Clyne and Brandon Lisy
Make-up: Erin Leigh Zimman
Sound: Brandon Lisy
Crew: Ashley Kuske, Luke Kelly-Clyne, and Silvija Ozols
Special Thanks: Leslie Horn, Ali Pinckney, and Katy McEvoy

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